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Once upon a time two twin daughters were born in Fairy Land . . .

They were christened 'Flamboyante' and 'Etincelante', 'Shining' and 'Sparkling' respectively.

They were born as WW2 was drawing to a close and thus symbolized
a promise of renewal after a dark period.

They soon felt at home amidst this God-blessed environment.

   All sorts of commuters enjoyed a daily ride on them for decades, school boys and girls, workers, students. The two railcars were part of the valley landscape.
  Then as wear and tear were beginning to show, a solution had to be  found. Would they end up on the scrap heap?No! A team of dedicated enthusiasts decided otherwise.

They were  convinced the two old ladies deserved a better fate. One of them would  continue to  roam the rails of the valley.
  But these dedicated enthusiasts need everybody's backing, the local authorities' as much as all the other enthusiasts'.
So come and ride our Fairy Land preserved railcar!

Not only will you enjoy the stunning scenery but you will sample some of our local products including 'l'absinthe' or Green Fairy, our local spirit!




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