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Week-end to discover the country of the fairies

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Special  Offers


One day to discover the Neuchâtel Jura


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Neuchâtel : departure at 09:50 / return at 18:15

Dates 2023

13 Mai; 10 June;  9 September;  7 October 

Fare : CHF 99 per person (adult)
  Fare including :

- historic train from Neuchâtel to La Presta with free   
  absinthe drink at the bar, on board.

- guided visit of the old galleries of the asphalt mine; on the

- lunch at the mine restaurant; steam train from La Presta
  to St Sulpice;

- visit of the steam shed with several preserved steam

- steam train ride from St Sulpice to Môtiers;

- Maison de l'absinthe (Absinthe House) :
  free visit and tasting

- Regio-train Môtiers-Neuchâtel.
  More about this offer  (Programm and details)  click  here  

Week-end to discover the country of the fairies


  The special price includes :

- accommodation with breakfast
in guest rooms (price based on double room)
   with shower/bath - WC in the room

- guided visit of the galleries of the old Asphalt Mine
in Travers :
   a fascinating journey into the depths of the Earth

- typical meal on Saturday and Sunday
at midday

- ride with a historic train
through the Val-de-Travers and visit of the steam-engine depot
   with many steam locomotives

- Maison de l'absinthe (Absinthe House) :  free visit and tasting

- ascent / descent with the Chair Lift to the Robella - Chasseron Area to enjoy a typical
   meal in a mountain inn.
Price per person
: 200.- swiss francs

Children 6 - 16 : reduction : 30.-  swiss francs

The same program is available with accommodation
- in hotel **     price   : 220.- swiss francs  per person
- in hotel ***   price   : 260.- swiss francs  per person
Dates 2023

13/14 Mai; 10/11 June;  9/10 September;  7/8 October

Neuchâtel : departure at 09:50

For reservation, suggestions or offers for excursions and accommodation  :
Tel.  (+41 79) 563.22.78  (Mobile)  -  E-mail: info@rvt-historique.ch

Nostalgic trip and cruise on Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Morat

Fleurier : departure 08:40 / return at 20.20

Dates 2023 :

13 Mai; 10 June;  9 September;  7 October 

Fare : CHF 70,00 per person (adult), including

- train journey on historic train Fleurier - Neuchâtel
   (with free tasting of absinthe at the bar, on board.);

- cruise on Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Morat and La Broye Canal
   between Neuchâtel and Morat and back;

- Two-and-a-half-hour lunch break and visit of Morat, a
   picturesque medieval town complete with city walls,
   winding streets, street arcades and sumptuous patrician
   dwellings. ( lunch in Morat is not included!)

- Regio-train Neuchâtel - Fleurier

  More about this offer  on the French-speaking page   click   here

Charter trains

  Groups are welcome to charter the train in advance; a most unusual way to visit the region!

Charter trips can be organized with pre-arranged stops or request stops at the most interesting spots.

The accompanying crew is composed of local folks who can give all the accurate information and more.
The most interesting route originates in Neuchâtel and follows the Franco-Suisse railway line through the breathtaking Areuse Gorge and across varied and stunningly beautiful landscapes.

We hope we've wetted your appetite, a prerequisite to your first taste of l'absinthe, the local drink!

Network : 

  - Neuchâtel - Travers - Fleurier - Buttes / St-Sulpice
- Neuchâtel - Travers - Les Verrières
- Neuchâtel - Yverdon - Estavayer-le-Lac - Payerne - Morat/Murten - Neuchâtel
- Neuchâtel - La Neuveville - Biel/Bienne - Lyss - Morat/Murten - Neuchâtel

Fares for charter trains:

- Buttes - Fleurier - Travers - Noiraigue and return :  900.-  s.fr.  
- Buttes - Fleurier - Travers - Neuchâtel and return : 1200.-  s.fr.  
- Buttes - Fleurier - Travers - les Verrières and return : 1100.-  s.fr.  
  The above fares are valid for a 50-strong party.

For larger groups it's possible to add a trailer. Fares should be doubled in this case.

As a result of our strong ties with the local historic steam railway VVT, it's also possible to serve a meal on board a genuine restaurant car; please contact us.
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